My Story

I know, how does a girl like me end up living in Africa for 27 months. Well after working some different jobs I realized that I was not satisfied in the direction my life was heading and decided I needed to make a major change and try something completely different. After thinking long and hard about my different options and weighing all my choices I decided that joining the Peace Corps was exactly what I needed to do to shake things up in my life. So August 2009 I applied for the Peace Corps, after a year of interviews, medical examinations, and a lot of waiting I received an invitation to serve in Senegal as a Small Enterprise Development agent starting August 2010. With six weeks before departure I quit my two jobs, packed up my apartment, spread my furniture throughout my friend’s houses (thank you everyone who is taking care of my stuff!!) and headed off for a once in a lifetime adventure. This blog is to express my point of view, the good and, unfortunately, the bad that I deal with, and just the random things I observe while serving in Kedougou, Senegal. Hope you enjoy it, I know I am 🙂


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