Contrary to what the song says, I do NOT bless the rains in Africa!!!

We are now well into rainy season and the rain is starting to wreak it’s havoc on us. First one must understand that when I say what the rainy season means. It does not mean a rain storm once a week, it means that it rains almost everyday and it’s not just a gentle sprinkle, it’s usually a downpour. Now what prolems arise from these downpours is that things flood. There are several volunteers who cannot leave their villages because the road is impassible. I witnessed sure a phenomenon recently. We went to go visit a fellow volunteers site and after a 1.5km hike to his site because a car couldn’t get through we reached the river that seperated his village from us. This river was about the length of a football field and since there is not a river there all year there is no boat to help you cross!! I asked the Peace Corps staff person who was with us if maybe it’s not a good idea to place a volunteer in a village that is not accessbile because we might need to be evacuated and he looks at me and says, “Well we gave him a life vest.” Apparently problem solved.

Now the immediate problem for me is that my front yard floods and I cannot leave my house without wading ankle deep in water that is a mix of mud, goat and sheep poo, and what ever else runs off into it. The rains also bring mosquitoes and I have scratched my feet raw, meaning that I ahve open wounds on them and this along with the water I have to go through is why I have become obsessed with cleaning my feet with antiseptic wash. So far I have been lucky to stave off any major infections but I’m not celebrating until the rains end. Also, I was cleaning my room a few days ago and I looked at one of my shirts and thought “Wow that’s really dusty,” so I went to brush off the dust and I realized that it was in fact mold!! Which makes me so excited to think about all the fun things that will be growing in my room when I get back from my month long vacation!

And the last thing I love about the rainy season is coming up to Dakar. As I got into to Dakar a couple of days ago I saw streets just flooded with water, I also noticed a stench as we drove by, I asked my friend who lives in Dakar if the smell was what I thought it was a he said that yes it was. The foul smell is that of raw sewage spilling onto the streets!! So if anyone plans on ever coming to Dakar I advise you to not come during the rainy season.

However, I am happy to say that I am going on vacation for the next month and when I return it should be the end of the rainy season and since I am leaving Senegal July of 2012, this is my last rainy season. YAY!!!

This is my front yard after one of the rains. I know I posted a similar picture, but it has gotten worse. I now have to wade through this water daily and when it rains really hard the water starts to enter my building!

Those are not dust bunnies on my shirt, it’s mold that has started to grow despite my best efforts to keep things dry.

If you want to see some video go to my other blog


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