Rest in Peace old friend

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. I am sad to say that our house dog, Gujo, passed away last night. Apparently he had a seizure and just collapsed. He is in a better place, if not, at least he’s in a cooler place. He was a loyal dog who protected us from random goats, donkeys and policemen who would stray in our regional house compound. He made sure that any new people to Kedougou got home safely by walking them home. He’d even get up at 4am with us to walk us to the bus station to catch the morning bus and make sure that the slow people, aka me, weren’t left behind. One of my favorite stories about Gujo is when we went on our regional retreat he hopped on the bus and decided to come with us, mind you Senegalese dogs are NOT used to moving vehicles. After about an hour drive we got to the camp where we were staying. I noticed that each night he would walk into each one of our huts and make sure that we were all present, he wanted to make sure that his people were alright! He was a good friend and he will be sorely missed.

Gujo chilling in one of his favorite spots during hot season. This is where we keep extra water (the white thing with the faucet), so when we open the faucet water comes rushing out and usually a little pool forms. He liked to sit in the water to try and keep cool.

Gujo hopped on the bus with some of the volunteers to go check out one of our waterfalls. He wanted to make sure everyone is OK since some of the volunteers were new to Kedougou.


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