If you are afraid of spiders do NOT read!!!

OK so I have recently realized that I will have to share my room with all sorts of creatures for the next year no matter how many cans of bug spray I go through. Most of the creatures I don’t mind, a random lizard or gecko, no big deal, I even name them. These giant wasp-looking things flying around my room, I just hide under my mosquito net, mind you they don’t sting they just like to build mud nests on your walls, pretty easy to take care of just knock down their nest and they go away! I’m good with the occasional frog, preying mantis, or what ever else feels like joining me in my humble abode. The one thing though that I will NEVER be OK with are the spiders. Mind you these are not normal spiders!! First of all apparently we have tarantulas here, thankfully though, I have not seen one but that is because the other volunteers know my fear and have kept me away by screaming “Alex do not come outside, stay in the kitchen!” However, I do have to deal with what I have called daddy long-legs on steroids. These are some of the biggest spiders that I have ever seen. I don’t think they do anything, much like their smaller cousins, but for someone with a terrible fear, such as me, they are one of the scariest things you have ever seen.

Below you will see a picture that I took of the comparison on a regular daddy long-legs, it’s the speck, and the daddy long-legs on steroids. Please note that this picture was taken with me standing outside my room hopping from one leg to another while calling for one of my brothers to come and kill this thing. Gotta love nature!

See that little speck??? That’s a normal Daddy long-legs!!!

Another angle, in case you missed how BIG this thing is!!


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