Random pictures

Here are pictures that I’ve taken and just never had a good enough story to make a whole post about them.

This is how the women iron clothes here, they take red hot coals, put them into the iron, fan the coals to keep them going and iron away. Don’t ever complain about ironing again!!!

So our kitchen roof needed to be redone and it was amazing watching these guys walking up on the sticks and putting all the hay up.

He walked on the roof like it was made out of concrete and not sticks!!

A shot from inside our kitchen looking up.

Putting the hay up.

Almost done!!

This poor man was working in 120+ heat and still had time to stop and smile for a pic.

This is the street that leads to our market.

A picture of our regional house dog. The kids around the neighborhood call him the ‘Big, Scary Peace Corps dog”, but he’s the biggest baby. I came to the house today and he started whining because he was lonely. Here, he’s trying to stay cool in a puddle that we create when we get water out of that big white thing behind him.

Here is a picture of one of the middle schools in Kedougou, not exactly the way ours look.

This is the little girl that I’m named after. She used to live with us, but once my host father died she decided she wanted to stay in village with her mom so I don’t get to see her often 😦

So here is what my yard looks like when I step out of my building.

Here is a shot of the front of my compound, I don’t really know how I’m supposed to get to the street without getting wet.

Behind me is my family bathroom, VERY glad I have my own bathroom!!


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