The war on Dirt!!!

I have officially declared a war on dirt!!! And I’m not just talking about getting a little smudge on your clothes or hands because that’s child’s play, no, I’m talking about the kind that every time you scratch an itch and then look at your mails there is a film under them. Now, I’m not saying I don’t shower because I do, at least twice a day, but it is just endless here.
First, thanks to the dry season Kedougou has turned into a dust land, there is dust all over the place and it gets every where. When I went to the Bassari initiations a couple of weekends ago I was gone for one night, when I got back my room was covered in so much dust that it looked like I had been gone for two months!!! Now it looks like the rainy season will upon us, but with rain comes mud, so I’m not going to be any cleaner then either.
Now if after countless showers our bodies never seem to get 100% clean, can you imagine how our feet much look. I mean they are the closest to the ground, and walking around in flip flops all day doesn’t help. This is why a pedicure would be a very nice welcome home present đŸ™‚ Sometimes I think that I have really tan feet and a rocking tan line on them, but after I soak my feet in a bucket with soap I realize that no, my feet aren’t tan, they are just that dirty. Unfortunately I have resigned myself to being dirty because every thing I do to keep clean just appears to be a losing battle; everything just gets dirty all over again.
So to all you clean people reading this, appreciate your clean feet, scratching an itch without removing a layer of dirt off your body and just your overall feeling of cleanliness.

Below you will find a picture of my feet after the Bassari initiations. I had a bandage around it because a stick went trough my foot. However, in the picture the bandage is off, please not the difference. And also, please don’t think I’m a dirty person, I do wash, it’s just hard to get all the dirt off, my feet returned to “normal” (Senegal standards) two days later after a loooong soak!
WARNING – If you want to continue thinking of me as that clean person you knew from over 9 months ago, do NOT scroll down!!

My feet – note that the bandage is off and it was only two days old!!!

And just so you don’t think my feet are the only nasty ones, here are my friend’s feet after the initiations.


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