This is going to be a quick rant about ungodly hot it has been. We have entered the hot, dry season where temperatures reach at least 105⁰F every day. I have not seen rain since October!! The mornings aren’t too bad, they start at about 80⁰F and just go up from there, and the hottest part of the day is around the hours of 2pm – 6pm where nothing happens because it’s just too hot. During these hours you can find me in my room in front of my fan (which by the way doesn’t help all that much because it just blows hot air at me) reading. My sister gave me her password for her Kindle and I downloaded it on my computer but unfortunately during these hours even my computer thinks it’s too hot and doesn’t want to work, so I am slowly making my way through the Kedougou regional house library. Nights are quite nice at about 85⁰F and you have two sleeping options to try and stay cool, one sleep in front of your fan, that’s still blowing hot air at you, or you can join my neighbors on my roof and sleep there. For me, I like to mix it up and sometimes sleep in my room and sometimes on the roof. Here’s a sad story of how hot it is and how much it sucks! So we’ve been having terrible power outages and last Thursday the power decided to go out at 2am, which means that my fan turned off!! So my room was 95⁰F (I have a thermometer in my room and it just depresses me when I see it rise) and I had no way of cooling myself. Normally I would have gone up to my roof and camped out there, but the mattress I use on the roof was underneath my other one and I couldn’t get it out. So after an hour or so just laying in my sweat I realized that the coolest place is my bathroom because that’s where air from my two windows meets and creates a little breeze. So I decided to throw all the towels I own (thanks Mom and Dad) on the floor and make a little bed, yes that’s right, I spent the night sleeping on my bathroom floor!!! Now as my cousin pointed out this may not have been the first time I have done this, but it was definitely the first time I’ve done it by choice. So after that terrible night I moved my mattress up on the roof which is about 10 degrees cooler and very nice. The only downfall is noise. On Friday the high school right at the end of my street decided to have a party and they kept the music going till 2am and because it’s so hot here, of course it was all outside. And even on nights when there aren’t any parties you have noise from cars, motorcycles, TV’s (people watch them outside), radios (people like to walk down the street playing music from their cell phones), random baby goats and sheep that call for their moms, and right at the crack of dawn the resident rooster goes off. So I’m still trying to figure out if I should sleep in my room, when there is electricity so I can have my fan on and it’s slightly quieter but wake up slightly sweaty, or sleep on the roof with all my neighbors and all the noise that gives Kedougou that je ne sais quoi.


One Comment on “Heat!!!!”

  1. Brandyn says:

    I am sorry that it is getting so hot over there. 😦

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